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Staff Favorites Music Channel

The Staff Favorites Music Channel offers music suggestions endorsed by Growth House Radio. This channel features positive, culturally-diverse music with an upbeat emotional tone. The Growth House staff mix ranges from restful to rippin', with occasionally wacky selections that keep our own spirits up. To learn more about the use of music in care of the sick, check our overview page for music thanatology. You can support our work by buying music here, by the way. We receive a small commission on sales to help us keep afloat. Click any CD to hear clips or to place an order.

Darrell Scott: The Invisible Man
Darrell Scott: The Invisible ManDarrell Scott's songs include infectious, Appalachian-inflected riffs and thoughtful lyrics about the human condition.
John Astin: Now is the Time
John Astin: Now is the TimeJohn Astin's contemplative and devotional songs have been used at spiritual retreats and healing seminars around the world.
Mystic Harmony: Kindle a Flame
MYSTIC HARMONY: Kindle a Flame Hospice nurse Janet Booth is one of the members of Mystic Harmony, a Celtic-inspired Northern Virginia trio. Their songs have a peaceful and contemplative feel. This CD features vocals plus Celtic harp, flute and keyboard.
Hope: The Anthology
DAVID M. BAILEY: Hope, the anthology [2 cd] After being told he had a brain tumor and would be dead in several months, David Bailey quit his corporate career and returned to his love of music. Eight years later he is still performing, carrying messages of hope to those affected by life-limiting illnesses. David's uplifting and inspirational songs are reminders that each day can bring its own joys. Lyrics on this generous two-CD anthology include dealing with uncertain life expectancy, how to cope when feeling overwhelmed, and remembering to enjoy life while you still can.
The Therapy Sisters: Sound Mind
The Therapy Sisters: Sound Mind If you are one of the best-stressed people you know, perhaps a session with the Therapy Sisters would improve your mental health. These Divas of Dysfunction combine tongue in cheek lyrics with toe tappin' music to make laughter the best medicine.
Every Day
SUSAN COLIN: Every Day Susan Colin is a Jewish cantorial soloist from the Dallas, Texas area. This CD is aimed at a broad audience, with Jewish influences plus jazz, pop, Klezmer, and Latin beats. Moving lyrics and Susan's clear, pure voice make this a beautiful collection of inspirational music for people of all backgrounds. Her other CDs, Shabbat Favorites and Prayer of the Heart, feature familiar Jewish worship prayers and songs.
Have No Fear
ROBIN LACY: Have No Fear New Orleans flavored with a touch of Mardi Gras and Dixieland Soul. Robin Lacy and DeZydeco are a six-piece band with unique instrumentation that includes the accordion, saxophone and rubboard found mainly in the Zydeco and Cajun-styled bands of Southwest Louisiana. Along with traditional Zydeco, roots rock 'n' roll, blues and classic country covers, the band plays a number of original songs featured on their latest recordings.
Let's Go!
JOE RICHARDSON: Let's Go! 25 Inspirational Thoughts For Now Motivational speaker Joe Richardson shares twenty-five short inspirational messages that can help you get through a variety of situations. Each pointer is only a few minutes long, making it easy to flip to the one you need.
Petals In The Stream
DAVID MICHAEL & RANDY MEAD: Petals in the Stream A graceful garland of melodies, woven from the music of many cultures, featuring Celtic harp, zither and flute. The captivating melodic lines provide enough interest to take this out of the purely ambient category.
John Astin: Reflections
John Astin: ReflectionsJohn Astin's contemplative and devotional songs have been used at spiritual retreats and healing seminars around the world. This recording features several compositions that draw inspiration from several different spiritual traditions, including themes from Buddhist contemplative practices as well as the Christian mystic St. Francis' wonderful saying that "we are that which we are seeking." Along with his musical work, John holds a Ph.D. in psychology. He is a research scientist at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, working in the field of mind-body medicine.
BABEENA SHARMA: Mukti "Mukti" means liberation or freedom in Sanskrit. This collections of Hindu devotional songs (bhajans) done in a very modern manner is intended to help promote tranquility within the listener. Babeena Sharma explains the meaning of the verses in English and sings them in a lovely voice that is as clear as a crystal. One track is sung in Sanskrit and the rest are sung in Hindi.
Return To Summer Lake
STEVEN GELLMAN: Return To Summer Lake An example of how Steven Gellman's original songs touch people's lives is the story of fan Jennifer Baker, blind and wheelchair bound from a lifelong struggle with kidney failure. She first heard Steven at a concert and became one of his most ardent fans. His music was an inspiration to her in her last months and Gellman performed at a memorial service in her honor to benefit the National Kidney Association. This CD is in the Out and Proud category by lesbian and gay artists.
Songs Of My Life
RASHAD OMAR SHAHEED: Songs of My Life/First Collection Rashad Omar Shaheed combines smooth vocal harmonies with solid world rhythm in this collection of upbeat songs rooted in Islamic values. His soulful lyrics remind us that life is precious, that time must not be wasted, and that now's the time to live your own truth without fear or excuses. These highly-accessible songs carry positive messages that people of any faith can appreciate. Liner notes give insight into how the lyrics connect to basic values of Al-Islam.
Watchers of the Wood
PHIL "KENTUCK" RIDDLE: Watchers of the Wood Phil "Kentuck" Riddle's poetic folk rock lyrics lift you up when you need it. Warm voice, beautiful melodies, and diverse instrumental arrangements make a winning package. Phil is the "real deal," by the way. He grew up in Kentucky in the hard times of the 50's, became orphaned at nine and along with his three brothers and sister was placed in a childrens' home. Phil lived on the streets, slept in junk cars, and shared "hobo stew" with others who were down and out on the banks of the Ohio River. Today, after retiring from twenty-five years in the commercial fishing industry, his songs reflect the changes that people can endure and still come out OK.
Playing For Keeps
Deidre McCalla: Playing For KeepsSinger/songwriter Deidre McCalla deftly navigates a range of musical styles as she explores themes of love, family, passages, reverence for the earth, and social justice. An African-American lesbian feminist, Deidre's words and music celebrate the power and diversity of the human spirit. Go, girl!
The River
Michael DeMaria: The River Ambient New Age sound created by psychologist Michael DeMaria specifically for use in relaxation and meditation. Thematic liner notes depict a journey down a river of sound, reflecting stages of the personal life journey. Michael describes these pieces as "tone prayers, wrought out of a deep sense of reverence for the experience of being alive."
Full Hearts, Empty Mind
Linda Khandro: Full Hearts, Empty Mind Restful harp music with gentle strings, flutes and more. Linda Kahandro creates beautiful harp music primarily for hospital and hospice patients, but also performs for general audiences. She was a founding member of the World Meditation Ensemble, which performs meditative, ambient music in the Seattle area.
Silver River
MATTHEW MANNING: Silver River Beautiful and atmospheric Irish music for oboe and strings. Matthew Manning (principal Oboe of Ireland's National Symphony orchestra) and composer Michael McGlynn (director of "Anuna" as featured on "Riverdance") joined forces to create this blend of Irish art music and entirely new melodic works with a cinematic feel.
Traverse Symphony Orchestra
Traverse Symphony Orchestra: Favorites from the 50th Anniversary Season Classical favorites from the 50th Anniversary Season, Kevin Rhodes, Conductor.
Judith May: Rising Again
Judith May: Rising Again Judith May's radiant voice perfectly suits her gentle and evocative songs with moving spiritual messages. The lyrics are carefully-chosen meditations that suggest mantras for the New Age. Judith holds an M.A. in Music from the Juilliard School in New York City, and an M.A. in Somatic Psychology from Antioch University.
MUSICBEAR: BuddyAfraid you don't have enough wisdom, benevolence, or courage to face the challenges before you? The Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion had the same self-doubts, but rose above them in the end. Listen closely to these lyrics from the 1939 film version of "The Wizard of Oz." in a fun rendition of "If I Only Had A Brain" with lounge lizard styling by Ray "Musicbear" Baker. This CD is in the Out and Proud category by lesbian and gay artists.
Open the Gates! New American-Jewish Music for Prayer
Open the Gates! New American-Jewish Music for PrayerThere are constant surprises in this compilation ranging from progressively lively to melodic vocals. For something really different check out the "Jewish Bluegrass" track. Proceeds from the sale of the CD benefit the Maalot Seminary in Rockville, Maryland, which is devoted to the perpetuation and development of Jewish music, liturgy, and the ceremonial arts. You can look for more CDs in the Judaica category.
Pilgrim on Earth
Peter B. Allen: Pilgrim on EarthWell-loved Christian hymns arranged for piano and orchestra by Peter B. Allen. Entertaining treatments that range from stately to sprightly will make you see these favorites in a new light. Think John Williams meets Christian Science Hymnal.
The Complete Rags Of Scott Joplin Vol. 2
SCOTT KIRBY: The Complete Rags Of Scott Joplin Vol. 2Scott Joplin's music has been bringing smiles for a century. Pianist Scott Kirby records Joplin's complete ragtime repertoire in three volumes. This volume contains fifteen wonderful renditions of works from all stages of the composer's career.
John Astin: Clear Blue Mind
John Astin: Clear Blue MindThis release continues John Astin's series of beautifully-crafted songs of spiritual insight and clarity.
John Astin: Remembrance
John Astin: RemembranceMany tracks on this John Astin CD encourage us to "awaken and touch the stars." His track "Love, Serve, and Remember" would be a fitting anthem for the hospice movement.
Everyday Heroes & Heroines
Deidre McCalla: Everyday Heroes & HeroinesDeidre McCalla's music is an eclectic blend of folk, pop, rock, and country with a progressive twist. She hits a nice balance between strength and vulnerability as she sings about the ups and downs of life.
The Therapy Sisters: Do Something!
The Therapy Sisters: Do Something!The Therapy Sisters will give you a painless attitude adjustment to a boogie beat.
Breathe the Celtic Aire
Da Capo Players: Breathe the Celtic Aire A variety of Celtic music plus baroque and classical favorites featuring Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi.
Homage To Ganesha
Homage To GaneshaHere's a delightful sample of Hindu devotional chant set to music. You can read the full Growth House review of this CD.
The Shepherd's Carol
Melinda Johnson: The Shepherd's Carol This collection of traditional carols features harp music supported by cello and other instruments. The light arrangements are suitable for play all year, not just at Christmas.
Chants of Balance
The Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus: Chants of BalanceThe songs of "Chants of Balance" tell tales of Gods and Goddesses from different pantheons. The musical style is an eclectic mix of folk, blues, rock, funk and jazz.
Kenny Ard: Gumbo In My Blood
Kenny Ard: Gumbo In My BloodThis toe-tappin' New Orleans album is one of our favorites in the Music To Lighten Things Up category.
Come Ye Back
Joanna Mell: Come Ye Back Gentle Celtic harp arrangements of traditional Irish ballads and airs, with just enough fresh variations in tempo and phrasing to make them sound new. Think green fields and mossy castles.
Cantico: Early Music for Flute and Harp
Cantico CD coverListen to selections from Duo Arioso's Cantico. Some of these melodies were so popular in Elizabethan times Shakespeare mentioned them in his plays.
Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors: Refuge Tibetan Buddhist chants sung by Russian rocker Boris Grebenshikov with ambient tribal music by Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors will make your Buddha soul smile. Boris has been called "the John Lennon of Russia." Sales of this item benefit various Tibetan Buddhist causes.
Serenity Now
Rob Wallace: Serenity NowThese peaceful New Age compositions by Rob Wallace sometimes include the sounds of nature.
Magic and Mystery
Kokila Bennett: Magic and MysteryOriginal compositions by Kokila Bennett evoke visions of Celtic fairytales. Ethereal melodies with Scottish and Irish influences suggest the peace and beauty of nature with feelings of love and romance.
Shiva Shakti Om
Angelika: Shiva Shakti OmAncient Sanskrit prayers and songs with great spiritual power.
Chloë Goodchild: SuraSinger Chloë Goodchild developed this collection of spritual songs and chants from many cultures with strong modern rhythms and unexpected musical combinations. Strong vocal performances by Goodchild and other guest artists are accompanied by traditional ethnic and Western acoustic instruments. Each selection has a distinct flavor, ranging from Gregorian chant to traditional Jewish music.
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