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Growth House, Inc., gives you free access to over 4,000 pages of high-quality education materials about end-of-life care, palliative medicine, and hospice care, including the full text of several books. We provide education both for the general public and for health care professionals. Our content is provided through syndication arrangements with over forty major health care organizations and publishing houses who are members of the Inter-Institutional Collaborating Network On End-of-life Care (IICN), [iicn] a content syndication network that we founded in 1996.

Our consumer education features include the Handbook for Mortals, an easy-to-understand guide to the dying process. For medical background on palliative care consult the Stanford EOL Care Curriculum. For tips on how to carry out institutional quality improvement projects check the Quality Improvement Sourcebook, the Common Sense Guide To Quality Improvement , and the archive of national demonstration projects for Promoting Excellence In EOL Care. For public policy background on why end-of-life care is critical to national healthcare strategy, see the Sick To Death Public Policy Book.

We offer disease-specific guides for heart failure, end-stage renal disease, and cancer, plus overviews of other resources.

Our blogging portal offers news and views by opinion leaders such as Dale Larson, Tim Cousounis, Susan W. Reynolds, Les Morgan, Larry Beresford, Debra Bradley Ruder, and other end of life specialists.

Growth House Radio gives you downloadable podcasts of easy-listening education features on end-of-life care. It's entertainment with a mission! Our online bookstore features the best books and music related to the issues we cover.

About Growth House, Inc.

Growth House, Inc., provides content syndication services for organizations working with death and dying issues. Health care providers may call 415-863-3045 for further information.

Our general email address is [email protected]. Due to the heavy volume of electronic mail we may be unable to provide a personal reply to your messages.

Our mailing address is 2261 Market Street, #199A, San Francisco, California, 94114, USA. We have no drop-in services at that location.

We celebrate diversity, not just tolerate it! For details read our statement on diversity.

Growth House celebrates the memory of William John Garvey. The adventure is not yet over.


Todays Tip: Does your institution understand the difference between human experiments and quality improvement? Download a Hastings Center report on the ethics of quality improvement.

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