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How to contact VHN:

The Volunteer Hospice Network is a membership category of the Hospice Association of America. For more information on joining, contact their membership department at (202) 547-7424.

Volunteer Hospice Network

The Volunteer Hospice Network (VHN) is an affinity group of more than 150 volunteer organizations in the United States that provide a wide variety of free services to the terminally ill, their families, and those who are grieving. VHN members include volunteer hospices, grief support programs, and many other volunteer groups that care for the dying whether or not they are called "hospice". Although a few volunteer hospices provide medical care, most focus exclusively on practical, respite, emotional and bereavement support. VHN values include respect for diversity, love of community, and protection of local solutions.

Volunteer hospices are "agencies without walls". Their admission criteria provide access to all who are dying in their communities regardless of their condition or situation. Volunteer hospices charge no fees to individuals or third-party payors, including insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid. Funding comes from the community through memorial contributions, donations, fundraisers and private grants. Over 10,000 dedicated volunteers make it possible for VHN agencies to carry out their missions.

VHN has an electronic newsletter VHN Forum and an annual Meeting.

VHN member hospices share their expertise on how to:

  • Start a volunteer hospice
  • Establish a residence project for patients without primary caregivers
  • Structure volunteer home care teams
  • Create a bereavement center
  • Form a children's grief camp
  • Form partnerships with Medicare hospices and palliative care centers
  • Transitioning between volunteer hospice and Medicare hospice status when that is indicated