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Where Souls Meet: Caring for the Seriously Ill

Two-volume audiobook, audio casette tapes

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Listen to a sample from Where Souls Meet, a two-casette audiobook that gives down-to-earth advice on caring for people who are seriously ill. The tapes are spoken by hospice educator Dillon Woods. Intended primarily for use by caregivers to the seriously ill, these tapes have an informal and compassionate tone. Segments cover everything from how to sit at the bedside of someone who is dying to dealing with grief. The messages are emotionally supportive and hold up well even with repeated play.

Audio tapes are a convenient way to work education into a busy routine, as they can be played in the car or as background sound while you do other tasks. Hospice professionals could use the tapes to good effect for family education and volunteer training applications. There is a companion book version of the same material that also could be given to new hospice volunteers as an accessible overview resource. For information on bulk rate discounts contact www.livingwithquality.org.

music speaker icon Chapter 3, "Dealing With Loss". Talks about how dealing with change and loss as a gift of life, and how our lifestyle reflects our attitudes toward loss. Also covers the importance of taking care of yourself when you are a caregiver for others. (5:03)

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