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Health Resources

There are thousands of medical and mental health resources on the Internet. These sites offer a mixed bag of sometimes-unreliable advice for specific medical conditions, psychological issues, and support groups. Check the navigation bar to your left for links to the most helpful resources.

We have separate sections of our site devoted to cancer, HIV disease and AIDS, and eldercare.

Achieving death with dignity involves taking control of one's health care at the end of life; tools include use of advance directives and power of attorney for health care. Many people with terminal illness choose home or hospice care as an alternative to ending their days in a hospital setting. Palliative care and pain management are medical specialties concerned with providing comfort during chronic and terminal illness. You may also wish to review resources for grief and bereavement.

The "right to die" is the subject of controversial legal battles on an international scale. The decision to end one's life when death is approaching anyway is sometimes called self-deliverance or voluntary euthanasia. This is a special case of the more general topic of suicide.