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Bereaved Families

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This page is devoted to grief in family settings. We have related pages on natal and infant loss and helping children with death and serious illness.

Our general bereavement resources page has other helpful sites. More listings for child and family grief may appear in other death and dying directories. General child and family health sites are listed in general health directories.

For elderly people, the challenges of death and dying are usually linked to more general issues regarding basic living arrangements, finances, and aging. Many eldercare resources exist to provide care for the total person.

Please note the following resources for family bereavement in particular:


Give Sorrow Words

By Thomas S. Crider. This book follows a father's healing process following the sudden death of his only child. His daughter, a senior in college, was killed in a fire that engulfed her room. This book is of particular value because it realistically shows that grief processes can be long and painful. The shock of an unexpected, senseless death is particularly hard to take.

How To Survive The Loss Of A Parent

By Lois F. Akner and Catherine Whitney. This book is intended for adult readers who are seeking support following the death of a parent. Akner uses stories from participants in her popular workshops to illustrate the range of reactions people may have when a parent dies.

Motherless Daughters

By Hope Edelman. In this New York Times bestseller Edelman shows how losing a mother through death or desertion at any age has ramifications throughout a woman's life.
[pointing finger] These are just a few of the bereavement and end-of-life resources at this site. For hundreds more try our search engine and bookstore.