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Sound Covenant: The Blessings of Music

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Designed specifically for caregiving use, this package includes two music CDs with restful solo Celtic harp and solo acoustic guitar music by James Schaller. There's also an instructional booklet on the use of music in caregiving, how to choose recorded music, ideas for musicians, an overview of therapeutic music training programs, tips on how to conduct a compassionate visit to the sick, and related matters.

Product Information

The Blessings of Music

By Sound Covenant, James Schaller C.M.P.
ISBN: 0971765707 (set of two audio CDs with book)

This product contains a booklet and two music CDs in a clamshell case. The two music CDs feature restful solo Celtic harp and solo acoustic guitar music for use during compassionate visits to the elderly, sick, or dying. The Respite CD (solo acoustic guitar) was created for deep rest and is especially useful for people who are in the end stages of life. The Recovery CD (solo Celtic harp) is suited for people who are sick or injured and are in recovery. Aside from different instrumentation, the Recovery CD features music played with a more even rhythm.

Designed specifically to comfort the ill and dying, this instrumental music uses slow, restful tempos. The booklet instructs the caregiver on how to visit and take therapeutic music to someone who is sick, recovering from injury, suffering from dementia or near the end of life. The reader will learn visitation skills, ideas for conversation and readings, and discover how music affects our physiology. Here are some of the topics covered by the instructional booklet:

James Schaller is a Certified Music Practitioner and composer who plays his music at the bedside. He has mentored volunteers in hospices, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, and community service organizations in the use of therapeutic recorded and live music. Mr. Schaller founded Sound Covenant, a not-for-profit organization, to train volunteers in hospices, hospitals, churches, nursing homes and community service organizations to use therapeutic recorded and live music to relieve pain and suffering. Sound Covenant conducts workshops that equip attendees to serve three patient populations: the sick, the elderly and the dying.


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